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Is This a Good Time to Buy a House?

by Patrick Gleeson, Ph. D., Registered Investment Adv  Buying a house in a housing boom seems like a dangerous economic move. On the other hand, your personal residence isn't simply an...

Fannie Mae FICO Score Requirements

by Don Rafner If you want to take out a mortgage loan backed by Fannie Mae, you'll need a solid credit score. The government-backed agency requires minimum FICO credit scores for both purchase...

Debt-to-Equity Ratio in Real Estate

by Don Rafner Your debt-to-equity ratio is an important number. It tells you whether you can qualify for a traditional refinance or if you've built up enough equity to take out a home equity loan...

How Does Property Frontage Affect Value?

by Shauna Zamarripa  What is Property Frontage Property frontage is the outward appearance or “curb appeal” of your home or land. This first impression is what a potential buyer...

How Much Does a Busy Road Lower Real Estate Value?

by Don Rafner Appraising a home's value is far from an exact science. Real estate appraisers consider several factors when trying to determine how much your home is worth. Your home's location...
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